Men’s Retreat April 20-22

By Karen Gallaway

The Heart of Man: Going Deeper

April 20-22

At Camp Tadmor

Our retreat will focus on the important issue of how our spiritual lives can be derailed by how we seek idols in our lives. Specifically,  the issue of sexual sin (in our minds or action) can dramatically impact how we can be detracted from how God designed us to live in communion with Him. The movie, “The Heart of Man” will be the starting point for our study in God’s Word and our way of finding practical application and deliverance from “the lagoon” and keeps us in the “cave” rather than “feasting at the banquet table” or enjoying time in “the boat.” Our speaker James Garner will help walk us through this in our four sessions together.

Who Should Come? Men of all ages, from high school age on up!

Sessions: Besides our speaker, we’ll have worship, communion, small group breakouts and other elements to make our time together on the mountain a time of fellowship and growth.

Activities: Camp Tadmor has lots of activities open to us, including: disk golf, basketball court, board game contest, movie night, rifle range.

Accommodations: We will be staying in the Tadmor Lakeside Retreat Center. Most of the rooms are set up as five person rooms.

Food: We are going to load up on hearty meals each day so you have energy to burn off in the activities we are planning, starting with dinner on Friday.


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