Epic Divine Gem Dawn Of Titans How To Get?

Epic Divine Gem Dawn Of Titans How To Get?

How do you get Titans in Dawn of the Titans?

One of the basic ways to get a Titan is through purchasing them via paying 4,000 gems at the Relic Temple. However, you have a possibility at a daily free Titan at the Altar of Wealth. Now this will be completely up to chance if you managed to nab one as you can also obtain rare items or relics from this altar.

How do you succeed in Dawn of the Titans?

‘ Dawn of Titans ‘ – Tips to Build and Win Without Spending Real Money

  1. Mind the Timers Early On.
  2. Upgrade All Your Buildings Before Your Castle.
  3. Time Your Campaign Battles With Your Resources.
  4. Learn to Micromanage Your Armies.
  5. Don’t Forget To Use Your Relics.

What is an all element Titan in Dawn of titans?

The ALL ELEMENT TITAN Altar contains a pool of all 35 Titans found in the specific- element Altars. The Titans found in each of these Altars do not change with each reappearance, and have not changed since they were launched.

How do you get a 4 star Titan?

Keep saving them until you have 30-40 tokens. Once you have a good amount of gems and tokens saved, find an event that has a Titan you want and finish it. This will give you a Titan you chose along with supporting relics. It takes about 20-40 tokens to finish an events.

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What’s the best Titan in Dawn of titans?

All in all, Dionysus is a strong, well-rounded titan with some of the best Archers in the game.

  • Lu Bu added to the list as a Tier B titan.
  • Cerberus added to the list as a TierA titan.
  • Pigsy added to the tier list as a Tier C titan.
  • Artemis has been updated with her new skillset and moved to Tier A.

How do I get Warp Stones in Dawn of the Titans?

In order to increase your Warp Stones you need to participate in regular battles. You’ll be guarenteed 3 battle rewards per battle and not only can you hit lands for 3 portal stones (18 gems) but you can even play capture ping-pong (cap pp) at an equivilant of 6 gems per battle.

What are shards used for in Dawn of titans?

Shards are used for an old feature in the game called Ascension that has been disabled and replaced with the Titan Prestige feature. You may choose to sell or use them as a Forging item to free up some space in your Relic Inventory.

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