FAQ: Dnd 5e When Can I Divine Smite After I Know If Theyre Dead?

FAQ: Dnd 5e When Can I Divine Smite After I Know If Theyre Dead?

Do you have to declare divine smite 5e?

No, you do not have to announce it before attacking, it says “when you hit” so you get to choose whether or not to use it when you hit.

How many times can you use divine smite in a turn?

Divine Smite has no usage limit other than spell slots and while it use one, it’s not a spell.

Can you decide to smite after you hit?

So you decide to smite after you hit, but you can ‘t wait to see if your weapon damage will kill the enemy before deciding to smite. It happens at the same time. The wording uses terms like “in addition” and “extra damage” which implies it is added on top of the weapons damage and therefore rolled at the same time.

Do crits apply to divine smite?

Under my DM’s current ruling, the Divine smite would not double it’s damage on a crit. Obviously everything is up to your GM at the end of the day, but RAW this is incorrect. The PHB states that “if the attack involves ANY other damage dice, you roll those dice twice as well.”

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Why are paladins so overpowered?

The paladins are OP because of divine smite and how it can be used in combination with minmaxxing builds and player agency to make a spotlight stealing nova-damage build.

Do you double smite damage on a crit?

It does. The rule about Critical Hit says that any die related to the attack’s damage (and not weapon damage ) is to be rolled twice.

Is divine smite once per turn?

TL;DR: other than “1 spell slot per attack” and “max 5d8 damage or 6d8 versus undead/fiends per use of divine smite ” there are no limits. 1 divine smite per attack, but no limit per turn.

Can you divine smite a thrown weapon?

If a weapon has the thrown property, you can throw the weapon to make a ranged attack”, because it’s a ranged attack, and not a melee one, you can ‘t use Divine Smite on it.

Can a barbarian smite while raging?

yes, a barbarian can smite while raging. You can ‘t use spells or concentrate them, and smite is neither.

Can magic missile crit?

Magic Missile does is not considered nor does it utilize an attack roll since no d20 is involved in the success/failure of the spell, thus it cannot land ‘hits’. Since it doesn’t land a ‘hit’, Magic Missile cannot crit via Rogue’s Assassinate.

Can you smite with unarmed?

Short Answer: Yes. You can perform Smites with unarmed attacks and they count as melee weapon attacks, but unarmed strikes are not melee weapons.

Is Eldritch smite a spell?

However, Eldritch Smite does not involve casting a spell, thus the character cannot expend their sorcerer spell slots for Eldritch Smite.

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Does smite damage crit?

Smite damage is not precision damage, and since it is extra points not extra dice of damage, it is definitely multiplied. The only things not multiplied on crits are extra dice of damage, such as precision damage or weapon effects like flaming. You do indeed multiply the smite damage and the strength modifier.

Does smite crit in 5e?

Well, no. You can only expend one spell slot per attack, and you can ‘t count on criticals happening, so if you wait until you crit to burn smites, you’ll end up missing opportunites where you should be smiting.

Can a Paladin double smite?

You can absolutely use Smite again (spending an additional spell slot) on your second attack from Extra Attack. This is the Gold Standard of playing a Paladin; players & DMs expect this from Paladins.

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