FAQ: Does It Matter Which Blacksmith I Give The Divine Ember To?

FAQ: Does It Matter Which Blacksmith I Give The Divine Ember To?

Should I give the blacksmith my Divine Ember?

User Info: Gensokyo. Try upgrading a weapon to +5. From there, he’ll be able to transcend that weapon into a divine weapon. There’s no reason to regret giving it to him, since there’s no other use for the divine ember anyway.

Does it matter which blacksmith I give embers to?

There is only one blacksmith that can use each ember, so if they take it it’s meant for them, all others will refuse it.

Who should I give divine ember to Dark Souls?

Given to Blacksmith Andre to allow him to ascend a +5 standard weapon to a divine weapon.

Who should I give the large ember to?

Given to Blacksmith Andre to allow him to modify +5 normal weapons to +10 normal, and +5 raw.

Should I give Andre the dark ember?

Yes give the ember. Any other blacksmiths in the game will have access to it afterwards.

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Are divine weapons good?

Divine weapons are used for hunting the Undead. When fully upgraded, they are said to be as powerful as the weapons of the Gods. Weapons that are innately imbued are blessed, and are very effective against the Dark.

Where do I get special ember?

Located at the heart of the Darkroot Garden, between the cats and Alvinas’ tower. It is stored inside a treasure chest, in shallow water, guarded by big mushrooms. If you attack a small mushroom it will lead you to the big mushrooms. Modify +5 Magic weapons into +5 Enchanted.

What’s better magic or enchanted Dark Souls?

Enchanted weapons have even higher scaling with Intelligence than Magic weapons, but curbs Dexterity and Strength parameter bonuses more severely. However, with 40 or more Intelligence, Enchanted +5 will usually match or surpass Magic +10 in spite of the reduced physical scaling, making Enchanted the superior choice.

Where do you get the magic ember in Dark Souls?

Found in The Duke’s Archives, after encountering Seath the Scaleless in the Crystal Cave. Found in the center of the room where the player first encounters Seath, in a chest.

What blacksmith makes divine weapons?

Availability. Required for Divine +6 weapons The Divine Upgrade Path is a form of weapon ascension and becomes available to Andre of Astora after he receives the Divine Ember found in Darkroot Garden. Giving him the Large Divine Ember found in the Tomb of the Giants allows him to ascend Divine weapons to +6.

What does large ember do?

Use of the Large Ember: The Large Ember can be given to Andre the Blacksmith to allow him to modify +5 normal weapons to +10, and +5 raw. Once you have picked up the Large Ember, proceed to Andre and he will ask you if he can have the Ember, answer yes.

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Where do I grind twinkling Titanite?

The best place to farm Twinkling Titanite is the Ash Lake, a hidden area found at the base of the massive tree in the swamps of Blighttown. To reach Ash Lake, travel to the bottom of Blighttown and break the illusory wall near the giant tree trunk.

Is there only one large ember in Dark Souls?

User Info: Veedrock- Embers are permanent, you don’t need more than one. You can’t gift them, and they don’t carry over into NG+.

Can the giant blacksmith ascend weapons?

Ascend the weapon by using the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo, 5,000 souls and the boss soul to then create the Boss Soul Weapon. You can then upgrade this weapon further by using Demon Titanite to a total of +5.

How many large shards is 10?

Regular upgrade from +5 to + 10 requires 9 Large Titanite Shards.

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