FAQ: How Do You Unlock The Quest For Blood Alter In Divine Journey?

FAQ: How Do You Unlock The Quest For Blood Alter In Divine Journey?

How do you get a Tier 4 blood altar?

In order to craft the Tier 4 Altar you will need to craft 4 Bloodstone Bricks, these can be crafted by combining a Weak Blood shard with stone, you will get 16 per craft (this could be different in your mod pack), you will only need 4 unless you are planning on making more altars.

How do you fill a blood altar?

The Player can use the Orb to transfer a heart of their health into the Blood Altar, filling the altar with 200 LP per heart. Keep Right-clicking while within one block of the altar with the Sacrificial Orb in hand to use it (make sure to be near enough for the transfer to take place).

How can you tell how much blood is in a blood altar?

If you have The One Probe installed you can look at the Altar and hold Crouch to see how much LP is in the Altar. You will also notice that the Altar will fill up with red liquid the more LP you store in it. All tiers can only hold 10,000LP.

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How do you make a weak blood Orb?

The Weak Blood Orb can be created by placing a Diamond in a tier 1 Blood Altar with 2000 LP and waiting several seconds for the transformation to complete.

How do you increase LP in blood magic?

Remember that extra Weak Blood Shard you have? Take it and fuse it with 50,000 LP in your altar. This gives you a Master Blood Orb, increasing your LP storage to one million. The last rune you unlock is the Rune of the Orb, which will increase the capacity of your blood orbs by 2% when filling, per rune.

How do you make an efficiency Rune in blood magic?

Each efficiency rune you have installed in an altar reduces that loss by 20% (multiplicative). With four four efficiency runes, you’d lose 30LP/t * 80%4 = 30LP/t * 40.96% = 12LP/t of infusion progress. 16 runes (8016 = 2.8%) would take the drain down to 1LP/t.

Efficiency Rune
Flammable No
Required Tool


Does Rune of Sacrifice well of suffering?

The generated LP is affected by Runes of Sacrifice around that altar, which increases the amount of LP gained by 10% per rune. If the altar is full or no altar is present, the ritual does nothing.

Well of Suffering
Type Ritual


What does a rune of sacrifice do?

The Rune of Sacrifice is a rune added by Blood Magic that is used in upgrading the tier of the Blood Altar. The Rune of Sacrifice will increase the total amount of LP gained by sacrificing mobs with a Dagger of Sacrifice by an additive 10%.

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How do you make a sacrificial knife in blood magic?

The Dagger of Sacrifice is a weapon added by Blood Magic. It is created by infusing an Iron Sword with 3,000 LP in a Tier 2 Blood Altar. Unlike the Sacrificial Knife, it is used to sacrifice animals and monsters instead of the sacrificing player.

How do you get a level 2 blood altar?

Tier 2. An Altar can be upgraded to a Tier 2 Altar by placing 8 of any type of Blood Rune around the base of the altar.

Why is my blood altar draining?

There’s a bug with galacticraft that causes your altar to drain, so if you have galacticraft that’s probably the problem. It was apparently fixed in an update, so make sure you get the newest version.

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