FAQ: What Do I Need In Path Of Exile To Get Righteous Fire Divine Shield To Work?

FAQ: What Do I Need In Path Of Exile To Get Righteous Fire Divine Shield To Work?

How does righteous fire work Poe?

According to the official wikia of POE: Righteous Fire is a spell that applies a buff on the player, rapidly burning themself and nearby enemies. It also increases the player’s spell damage. Basically this spell is a double-edge sword: You deal damage and at the same time, you deal damage to yourself.

How does inspiration work with righteous fire?

Inspiration Support: When Righteous Fire is linked with Inspiration Support, if the player gains Inspiration charge from another source (such as movement skill linked to another Inspiration Support), then Righteous Fire will benefit from the damage bonus from Inspiration charges.

Does righteous fire count as burning?

Righteous Fire skips the ignite and straight-up applies a Burning effect.

Does efficacy work with righteous fire?

2 Efficacy support now works with Righteous Fire without needing a duration tag.

How do you calculate righteous fire damage?

Base Damage per Second of Righteous Fire is equal to (Life * 0.4) + (ES * 0.4): even if your ES is burnt down to zero remaining, the total ES value still counts for Damage!

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What level can you use righteous fire?

In fact you actually CAN sustain Righteous Fire starting at Level 20 and level very confortable with. Way better than you would level with other skills because of your lack of damage nodes.

How much regen do you need to sustain RF?

How much life regen % do I need from the passive tree in order to fully sustain RF? Total of 87% fire res. 50% de-gen from RF would mean losing 6.5% of your life per second, therefor at least 6.5% life regen from the tree would be required.

Can righteous fire be reflected?

Just a quick question. Does running Monster Reflect x% Elemental Damage affect Righteous fire? nope. Reflect doesnt apply to degen.

Does spell damage effect RF?

Spell damage does not increase RF, as the burning effect is a “secondary effect ” of the spell and not a primary.

What can support righteous fire?

Elemental focus, Increased Burning damage, and Concentrated Effect are the best supports for RF. There are others that can have lesser effect. I think Efficacy works. The next best thing is to have as much life as possible, and enough fire resist (85% is achievable without flasks) and life regen to handle it.

Does righteous fire leech?

1. Leech doesn’t work for an entirely different reason: Leech applies to Hits, Righteous Fire only deals Damage over Time. 2. Righteous Fire is damage dealt by the player.

Does elemental damage affect righteous fire?

Righteous Fire will be affected by anything that benefits non-attack, non-spell, area fire damage. This includes modifiers to fire damage, elemental damage, area of effect damage, and generic damage. Self-inflicted damage over time will not be affected by your damage modifiers.

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Does immolate work with righteous fire?

Yeah, it should work. Immolate = Added Fire Damage on skill if hitting a burning target. Righteous Fire = Counts as burning. Would also work for stuff like Fire Trap’s persistent ground patch, Scorching Ray and of course, Ignite.

Does righteous fire trigger cast when damage taken?

Righteous Fire does indeed deal damage, but the Cast on Damage Taken support is specifically tracking damage from hits, and thus not damage -over-time, similar to molten shell.

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