How To Soul Match Divine Items?

How To Soul Match Divine Items?

Can you soul match accessories Nioh 2?

No way to soul match. The only thing that changes on accessories is the defense anyway so theres really no point to even worry about it.

How do I get divine gear?

Divine is the highest rarity tier for equipment in Nioh, higher than Exotic. Divine items are color-coded green, and only begin dropping after completing the mission The Demon King Revealed. They can be obtained in New Game Plus on the Way of the Strong difficulty or Way of the Samurai.

What does Soul match do?

Soul matching is a way for you to increase your gear’s level — and higher level gear is better gear. Soul matching works by, effectively, feeding higher level gear to lower level gear to improve the latter. Feeding gear of the same or a lower level might still improve the original piece, but won’t raise its level.

Does familiarity increase damage Nioh?

The higher your familiarity, the more Amrita you will obtain when you offer the item at a Shrine. Every item has level at which their familiarity is maxed out. Familiarity also increases the damage dealt by the weapon, the bonus reaching its peak at maximum familiarity value.

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Why is soul matching so expensive?

High Familiarity reduces the cost. The higher the rarity of the base item, the more expensive it is to Soul Match. The higher the rarity of the sacrificial equipment, the less expensive it is to Soul Match with.

Is Divine gear com legit?

Divine Gear has a consumer rating of 1 star from 7 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Divine Gear most frequently mention hair dryer problems. Divine Gear ranks 305th among Beauty Products sites.

How do I get ethereal Nioh?

It is rare drop from normal enemies in Abyss, and usually Abyss Bosses will drop 1 or 2. Item should only be defiled from floor 21 onward. However, the chance of the item become Ethereal is not high on floors 20s. To have a better chance, it is recommended to do so or floor 31 or higher.

What are divine fragments for?

Divine Fragments are used for NG+ basically. You’ll start getting divine gear right as you beat the game(boss will drop some). Its another rarity tier, above purple. You use Divine Fragments to forge gear, and can use it to reroll skills on armor and weapons.

Can you soul match Soul Cores Nioh 2?

Any weapon with “Imbue Corruption” can Soul Match with Soul Cores.

What should I disassemble Nioh?

Disassemble or Deconstructing in Nioh provides the the player with Smithing Materials in exchange for Weapons or Armor. Players will receive the same quality of materials that the item being disassembled is. Smithing Materials obtained by Disassembling Weapons and Armor.

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Weapons Smithing Materials
Hand Cannons 3 Ingots


What does reforging do in Nioh?

Reforge in Nioh is a process by which you can reroll the various attributes of your Weapons and Armor.

What is the best weapon in Nioh?

Weapon Choice: Axe The axe is the strongest of Nioh’s weapons, but they’re also cumbersome. The fact they’re slower to swing and have a shorter range make them quite difficult to use, though they are particularly useful against the first few bosses.

Can you forge divine armor Nioh?

To forge Divine Equipment you need to highlight the ” Forge ” tab after selecting a model and materials. You then need to press Δ and choose how many Divine Fragments you would like to add. Adding one fragment will add a roughly 50% chance of obtaining a divine weapon, if you use optimal materials.

Where can I farm divine Nioh?

Good Missions to farm Divine Weapons include the Isle of Demons (Main), Bridge of Bone (Sub), the Battle of Ohashi Bridge and the Squirming Sprite (Twilight), as these levels have areas with a lot of Revenants.

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