Often asked: Does Divine Disappear When You Complete The Grimm Troupe Stuff?

Often asked: Does Divine Disappear When You Complete The Grimm Troupe Stuff?

Does divine stay after you beat Grimm?

If you choose to follow through the ritual and help Grimm, Divine will remain in her tent where you can still be able to obtain the unbreakable charms.

What happens if you complete the Grimm troupe ritual?

Completing the ritual “cleans” Hallownest off the nightmares of the past, and later killing the Radiance gets rid of the stasis and lets the kingdom move forward. Banishment lets Brumm leave the troupe, and have a normal life.

What do you get for banishing the Grimm troupe?

This achievement is for banishing the Grimm Troupe and requires several steps to complete. He will give you the Carefree Melody charm and the achievement will unlock.

What happens when you beat Nightmare King Grimm?

If the Knight gets within his arm’s length before he ends the attack, Nightmare King Grimm teleports and sends 2 more Fire Bats, one high and one low, simultaneously. Dive Dash: During both the dive and dash, Nightmare King Grimm is followed by a flame trail that deals damage.

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Can you get both Grimm troupe endings?

You can ‘t get both on the same save, but you can make a copy of the save before the end of the quest if you want to do both easily. Both endings give you a different charm, and if you do the banishment ending, you won’t be able to fight a very difficult boss.

What happens if you dont banish the Grimm troupe?

If the Grimm Troupe is banished, Brumm disappears, and an amnesic bug named Nymm appears in Dirtmouth who greatly resembles him. If the Knight chooses to leave the room before breaking the brazier, Brumm disappears and Banishment is unavailable forever.

Is Grimm a bad guy Hollow Knight?

Grimm, also known as the Nightmare King, is a supporting antagonist in Hollow Knight, introduced in “The Grimm Troupe” DLC.

How do you summon the Grimm troupe?

Head into the smaller tent on your left and talk to Divine, who will ask you why you called the Grimm Troupe here. Next, to officially start the Grimm Troupe quest, you’ll need to head inside the large tent and speak with the Troupe Master.

What do you do after the Grimm troupe?

To go the Ritual route, after beating Troupe Master Grimm simply gather three scarlet flames then go back to Grimm’s tent. Run all the way to the end and you’ll see a sleeping Grimm. Hit him with the Dream Nail and you’ll find a new boss encounter.

Can you banish Grimm after fighting him?

Banishment – you can end the ritual instead of continuing it. Go the Distant Village in Deepnest and enter the smaller cocoon: Brumm is waiting for you there (the NPC who earlier played music in Grimm’s tent, you can notice his absence after first fight with Grimm ).

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How much HP does Grimm have?

Behaviour and Tactics

Grimm Hall of Gods text: “I await the lighting of the lantern” “Travelling god of the troupe”
Health 1300
Arena changes Same arena as the base game fight, no difficulty differences.


Is Nightmare King Grimm the hardest boss?

Nightmare King Grimm is another optional boss — the true final boss of the Grimm Troupe storyline — and he’s arguably the most difficult fight in all of Hollow Knight. Memorization is key to defeating this foe and taking one more step towards beating all of the bosses in Hollow Knight.

Who is the hardest boss in Hollow Knight?

Ranked: The 10 Hardest Hollow Knight Bosses (With Tips To Beat Them)

  1. 1 The Radiance.
  2. 2 Pure Vessel.
  3. 3 Lost Kin.
  4. 4 Enraged Guardian.
  5. 5 Watcher Knights.
  6. 6 Soul Tyrant.
  7. 7 Soul Master.
  8. 8 Hornet (The Rematch)

What charms should I use for Nightmare King Grimm?


  • Weaversong is a really usefull charm.
  • Shape of Unn will help you heal while Grimm’s doing the Fire Fillar attack.
  • Shaman stone increases your attack range and boosts your damage, so fighting Grimm would be a lot faster than doing it withouth it.
  • Grubsong helps with collecting soul.
  • Unbreakable Heart.

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