Often asked: How To Get Divine Horse Etria?

Often asked: How To Get Divine Horse Etria?

How do you get divine horses on Howrse for free?

Get divine horses.

  1. Go to directory, under the community tab and click on Horses. Check off divine horses and search for Xanthos. Go to five Xanthos pages and stroke each one.
  2. Go to directory, under the community tab and click on Horses. Check off divine horses and search for Archimedes. He will give you one question.

How do you get etrian on Howrse?

Etrian can be earned after completing quest 21 and Wikaila after quest 52. You can do these for free but you will have to invest a bit of time playing the game before you reach these quests.

What are divine horses on Howrse?

Divine horses are rare horses that can be won from promotions or bought for a large amount of passes after a dedicated promo. Sometimes they are able to be won in luck items such as Golden Fleece, Horn of Plenty and Titan’s Challenge or by achieving a certain rank in a promo.

How do you get rich on Howrse?

Here is a plan to make a lot of money on Howrse in a short space of time. Sell 5 aging points per day (will bring you 750e each time!) Once the horse is past 25, do 2 lessons per day but do not pasture or compete. Instead, vaccinate and give preventative wormer, and feed required amount from the box.

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How do you get wild horses on Howrse?

Wild horses come with their own background specilized for them. You can’t use Golden Apples on them. You can get them in events and promotions but they’re hard to get, like divines. Wild horses can only live up to 80 years, they object to be bedded down after 80!

How do you give gifts on Howrse?

Giving Gifts Now all THEY’VE gotta do is accept the friend request. Then, once a week, you can go onto your friends list, by, like I said, going to the top right corner of your page and clicking, ‘Friends’, and clicking a little gift box next to their name! Only once a week, to three people of your choice!

How do you get free money on howrse?

You will find that in the store, you can sell things like your droppings, apples etc. Take care of your horses a lot. Then after you have logged on and fed your horses every day for about 5 weeks, go and sell all your droppings, thus receiving money for useless things your horses produce.

How long do horses live on Howrse?

After its 25th birthday, your horse gets old, and its health and skills begin to decline. If you take good care of it, your horse can live up to a maximum of 35 years.

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