Often asked: Who Is Dizzy In Divine Sisters?

Often asked: Who Is Dizzy In Divine Sisters?

Who is Valindra Roblox?

Valindra is the creator of Sister’s Order and Divine Sister, as well as the Divine Sister YouTube channel. He is mentioned in ROBLOX SANATORIUM, a video where Mede appears in. He is friends with Albert on Roblox.

What is the Divine Sister discord?

The Divine Sister discord is a public server in the Discord app. Its main function is for the people to communicate with each other and know more about the Divine’s Sister “society.” To be able to chat and see other channels, you must verify and become an Islander/LGBTQ+ Islander by DMing a staff member.

Why was de pride Isle sanatorium deleted?

It has recently been content deleted by Roblox Moderators for violating Roblox ToS (mostly because of its gore and cannibals). UPDATE, its back, but the word ” Sanatorium ” has been removed.

What does it truly mean to become a nurse in the divine sister community *?

Role. Caring for patients. Torium Staff, also known as Nurses, are people that work at the sanatorium and care for patients. When working at the sanatorium, they usually carry a Holy Stick and a Water Cup to enforce sanatorium rules or to help people who are glitched or going on a stage, e.g. when story time is held.

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What is Roblox Divine Sister?

None. Divine Sister is a group owned by Valindra known for being the largest LGBTQ+ community on Roblox. The group houses the game De Pride Isle Sanatorium and Les Beyond East.

What does Valindra mean?

Valindra Means. Thanks! V is for valor, your strength.

What means divine?

1: of or relating to God or a god divine will. 2: being in praise of God: religious, holy divine worship.

What is a sister server in discord?

Sister servers will be beneficial for organisation but also to make things for more streamline and easy to access, such as sharing roles between the different servers, but still with the ability to add more roles which are specific to those servers.

How do you glitch in De pride Isle?

When a spider follows a pattern of certain movements, which include walking into a wall facing sideways, going into first person view to face the wall and spamming attack, the spider has a chance to completely flip forwards into the wall and by spamming attack, they can glitch through the wall.

How do you become a spider in De pride Isle?

They are actual players who turn into them after slowly succumbing to the insanity-disease after being in the sanatorium for about three or four nights, unless they drank holy water. Similar to cannibals and deer, players should have six blurs before turning into a spider at night.

How do you become a RN on De pride Isle sanatorium?

You have to be a Tourist, Islander, or LGBTQ+ islander to apply. The applications spawn on a lectern (podium) next to reception. The applications spawn between 9 AM and close at 11 AM De Pride Isle time. You can only submit your applications on 7-8 am the next day in the Nursery.

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How do you pick up people in De pride Isle?

If you want to pick someone up, stand on them and either press CTRL or button on mobile.

How do you get holy water in de pride Isle sanatorium?

Holy Water is a kind of beverage that arrives in a casket / coffin from the Gay Heavens every day at 12:00. It falls through the trapdoor of stained glass on the roof from the sky on a parachute.

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