Question: According To The Divine Command Theory, What Makes An Action Wrong?

Question: According To The Divine Command Theory, What Makes An Action Wrong?

Why is the divine command theory wrong?

Other criticisms of divine command theory include: Religious scriptures are generally ancient and are hard to interpret against the complexities of today’s society. As a result, religion as an ethical system does not provide specific ethical guidance to specific ethical dilemmas.

What is the divine command theory of moral right and wrong?

‘ Divine Command Theory ‘ is the theory that what makes something morally right is that God commands it, and what makes something morally wrong is that God forbids it.

What are the weaknesses of divine command theory?


  • even if moral commands in the Bible come from God, we cannot tell whether they are as God gave them – no original version of any Old Testament book.
  • Bible contains what most people would consider to be immoral commands; such as views towards slavery and homosexual behaviour.
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How does divine command theory define what makes an action moral?

The divine command theory defines an act or action as good or bad, depending on whether it supports God’s commands or not. Any act that goes against what God has commanded is classed as wrong, no matter the situation or circumstance.

What are 2 problems with divine command theory?

This paper will develop an argument for the position that “something is holy because it is loved by the gods,” however this argument works on the premise that there is one God who is omnipotent, therefore changing the assertion to “what is good and right is only good and right because God commands it.” Two issues

Is divine command theory true?

If God has an absolute claim on our obedience, then we should always obey God’s commands. 4. Therefore, the Divine Command theory is true. Argument against the Divine Command theory – 1.

Are all Christians divine command theorists?

General form. Philosophers including William of Ockham ( c. 1287 – 1347), St Augustine (354-430), Duns Scotus ( c. 1265 – 1308), and John Calvin (1509-1564) have presented various forms of divine command theory. Although Christianity does not entail divine command theory, people commonly associate the two.

What is divine command theory essay?

The Divine command theory is a meta – ethical theory which states that an action is obligatory if and only if, it is commanded by God. This suggests that no action can be held as being morally good unless God commands it.

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What is the right and wrong theory?

Right and wrong is determined by rationality, giving universal duties. Kantianism is a Non-consequentialist moral theory. Good Will (i.e., having the right intentions) is the only thing that is good without qualification. Ý So, actions are truly moral only if they have the right intention, i.e., based on Good Will.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of utilitarianism?


Strengths Weaknesses
Act Utilitarianism is pragmatic and focuses on the consequences of an action. Utilitarianism seeks to predict the consequences of an action, which is impossible.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of kantianism?


  • Not consequentialist – Kant realised a bad action can have good consequences.
  • Universal – Provides moral laws that hold universally, regardless of culture.
  • Clear – Kant’s theory is argued as simple. “
  • Autonomy – Kant has the greatest respect for human dignity and autonomy.

What are the strengths of divine command theory?

Not only does Divine Command Theory provide a metaphysical basis for morality, but according to many it also gives us a good answer to the question, why be moral? William Lane Craig argues that this is an advantage of a view of ethics that is grounded in God. On theism, we are held accountable for our actions by God.

What is the good under divine command theory?

The theory asserts that good actions are morally good as a result of their being commanded by God, and many religious believers subscribe to some form of divine command theory. Because of these premises, adherents believe that moral obligation is obedience to God’s commands; what is morally right is what God desires.

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What is the restricted divine command theory?

The restricted theory basically says that an action is obligatory if and only if it is good and God commanded it; the unrestricted theory states that an act is only obligatory if it is commanded by God, it is not obligatory if it is prohibited by God and it is optional if and only if God has not commanded nor

Which actions does divine command theory say are morally right quizlet?

according to divine command theory, doing the morally right action is a matter of doing what you think your god commands you. according to divine command theory, those who belong to different religions are subject to different moral standards. You just studied 44 terms!

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