Question: Divine Healing Codes And How To Use Them?

Question: Divine Healing Codes And How To Use Them?

How do you use healing codes?

It involves saying a prayer/request and then directing the energy in your hands to the four main healing gates of your body in a certain sequence (30 seconds on each healing gate), while focusing on ‘Truth Statements’.

How do you use divine codes?

There are three ways to use the codes: The spaces between the numbers are part of the code, do not omit them. HOW TO USE THE HEALING CODES

  1. write the codes in the air, big or small, you decide.
  2. write the codes on a note, place it in your pocket, purse, or under your pillow.
  3. draw the codes with your finger on your body.

What is Divine Healing Code?

Divine healing codes are a quantum tool used for healing. In other words, they change reality on a quantum level. The basic premise of divine healing codes is that numbers are nature’s way of communicating and that everything can be explained with numbers.

How do I activate my grabovoi code?

How to use Grabovoi Numbers

  1. Journal them.
  2. Memorize them (repeat them in your mind when you first wake up and before bed and whenever you can throughout the day).
  3. Repeat an affirmation with the code “I am attracting unexpected money, activating code 520 741 8).
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How do healing codes work?

It’s an attempt to rid the body of some disease according to specific instructions embodied in an epic piece of work called the “ Healing Code.” Depending on the ailment, a different pattern of finger wagging is indicated. No pills or supplements to take, no scalpel to fear.

Where do healing codes come from?

The Healing Codes are going to be organized by Systems, and this document will be updated as more and more Healing Codes ‘ come through’ from Divine Mother, Archangel Raphael, and Source. They are a gift from Spirit and are to be used for free and freely shared.

Who created grabovoi codes?

Grigori Grabovoi

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi
Nationality Kazakhstan
Citizenship Russia
Alma mater Tashkent State Polytechnic University
Known for Breslan fraud scheme Grabovoi Numbers

How do you do Quantum Healing?

Quantum Techniques uses voice frequency scanning to dialogue with the body’s energy field. This identifies the energetic disturbances in the client’s field. The Practitioner then gives the client a unique code that opens that energetic area for healing the disturbance.

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