Question: How To Get Corrupted Shards Divine Rpg?

Question: How To Get Corrupted Shards Divine Rpg?

How do you get divine shards in Divine RPG?

Divine shards are obtained by defeating any of the first three bosses in DivineRPG. The player must kill either The Ancient Entity, The Watcher, or the Ayeraco Horde. It is recommended to fight The Ancient Entity, as he can be spawned in the Overworld, whereas The Watcher can only be spawned in The Nether.

How do you get a corrupt stone in Minecraft?

A Corrupted Stone is crafted using 9 Corrupted Shards. It is used to craft Corrupted Tools that have an efficiency of 16.0 and 6000 uses, along with the Death Bringer, the Corrupted Maul, the Corrupted Cannon, the Altar of Corruption, and the Mysterious Clock.

Where can I find enthralled Dramcryxes?

The Enthralled Dramcryx is an aggressive mob which spawns in the Overworld. It only spawns at very low elevations, and regardless of light level. It is related to the Jungle Dramcryx and looks like a bigger purple version.

How do I start a divine RPG?


  1. After you have obtained a few stacks of wood, then you can start mining. Begin by making a wood pickaxe, then a stone one, then iron, and then make a Realmite Pickaxe.
  2. Once you get back to your home, you need to start crafting.
  3. The Nether is now really dangerous and deadly and you will need skill and luck.
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How do I get corrupted stones?

It’s very difficult to find these stones, but you can craft them yourself. Head over to your Firebowl Cauldron, then select the option to craft Corrupted Stone. You’ll need Stone, Ichor and Demon Blood to do so.

How do you get corrupted shards?

Corrupted Shards are the Mob Drops that can only be obtained from killing Enthralled Dramcryxes and The Grue’s. The main use of Corrupted Shards is the crafting of Corrupted Stones, which are then used to craft the Corrupted Tools and Weapons.

What is corrupted obsidian in Minecraft?

Crying obsidian is a luminous variant of obsidian that can be used to craft a respawn anchor and produces purple particles when placed.

How do you spawn the ancient entity?

The Ancient Entity is a boss mob that can only be spawned in the Overworld. The Ancient Entity is the first boss in DivineRPG that players should fight. It is spawned in the overworld by right-clicking the ground while holding a Mysterious Clock.

How many dimensions does a divine RPG have?

With over 100 new mobs, 7 Dimensions, and a ton of unique items and blocks, Divine RPG is always providing to Minecraft players of all tastes, whether you are a builder, a warrior, a miner, or something else.

How do you make Vethea portal?

To get to Vethea, you must make a Nightmare Bed. This is done with three Mortum Blocks and three Mortum Logs, which means that the player must have been to Mortum in order to unlock Vethea. When right-clicked once, the Nightmare Bed will ominously warn players about the danger of Vethea.

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How do you make an Arcana portal?

Crafted with three Iron Blocks and two Bluefire Stones, these are placed in the same shape as an End Portal (3 blocks on each side with a gap of 3×3 in the centre) and will automatically light once placed. The portal will take you to the Dungeon of Arcana.

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