Question: How To Get Divine Halberd?

Question: How To Get Divine Halberd?

Where is divine halberd?

Go to Jifang, the Shopkeeper and buy it from her which costs 9000 coins. Going back to Liyue, go to Tea Master Liu Su the Storyteller. You will get the item after listening.

Where to get the divine halberd mocks the heavens?

Just buy them from a shopkeeper is known as Jifang. Cost of these three parts is 9000 coins.

  • For this one, open your quests then find “Justice, for Books’ Sake.”
  • Now click the button on the bottom right.
  • Upon travelling, you will receive the last part and the Divine Halberd Mocks the Heavens achievement as a reward.

How do I get Legend of shattered halberd?


  1. Sold by Jifang at Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor.
  2. On a table in front of Huachu and Jianqiu at Stone Gate.
  3. From Tea Master Liu Su in Liyue Harbor after listening to all of his stories. (
  4. Sold by Jifang at Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor.
  5. Sold by Jifang at Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor.

How do you get Primogems fast?

Best ways of collecting Primogems in Genshin Impact

  1. Players are rewarded with Primogems after successfully inviting their friends to Genshin Impact.
  2. Finishing daily commissions will reward players with up to 60 Primogems daily.
  3. Discovering waypoints, dungeons and domains will reward players with 5 Primogems each.
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Where is the couple in Wuwang Hill?

The second volume can be found at Wuwang Hill in the Liyue region, just teleport to the fast-travel waypoint and head towards the couple at Pop’s Teas, called Hauchu and Jianqiu, and on the table they are sitting at, the second book will be there.

Where is Wanwen bookhouse?

Location. Wanwen Bookhouse is a shop owned by Jifang in Liyue Harbor that sells Books. The shop’s stock does not refresh, and each book can only be purchased once.

What volume did Xingqiu borrow?

Because Xingqiu stood up for Chang, Chang agrees to lend him the volume of Legend of the Shattered Halberd.

What is Dragon’s Bane?

Dragon’s Bane is a supposedly magical concoction used by the sixth-century human wizard, Beorht. Its ingredients include sulfur, rock salt, potassium nitrate via seagull droppings, and charcoal.

Is halberd good for Xiao?

Much like other DPS characters like Keqing or Diluc, the best Artifacts for Xiao should focus on his DMG or ATK stats. More common polearms that raise ATK stats are fine, and the Halberd is a 3-star weapon many players will find adequate. The Halberd allows Xiao’s attacks to cause up to 320% DMG once every ten seconds.

Is a halberd better than a spear?

Halberd is better in general moveset but the spear has one of the best counter skills. If you don’t like the spear unique skill then use the halberd. Based on my experience with the iron spear and iron halberd, the spear sucks in comparison.

Where is jifang?

Jifang lives in Liyue Harbor and is the boss of Wanwen Bookhouse.

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Where are all the books Genshin impact?

How to Obtain Books in Genshin Impact. Books can be found everywhere across Teyvat. You can obtain lots of books inside Knights of Favonius Headquarters and from the Winery in Dawn Winery. Some books can be obtained from NPC dialogues or quest rewards.

Where are the books in Genshin impact?

Players can find books by exploring Teyvat. Some books are received from NPCs through dialogue or quest rewards. Others can be bought from Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue.

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