Question: What Are The Benefits Between The Ffernt Colors Of Divine Gems In Game Of War?

Question: What Are The Benefits Between The Ffernt Colors Of Divine Gems In Game Of War?

What are gems used for in gems of war?

You can also purchase Troops, Weapons and Sigils in the weekly event shops. Most importantly, Gems can be used to open Gem or VIP Chests once you’ve spent all your Gem and VIP Keys. These chests have the highest chances to earn rare Troop cards and Traitstones by default.

What are the best troops in gems of war?

Common: Dwarven Gate – Barriers, mana, and tanks Oh My. Rare: Urskatyr – Just fun to use, love casting a couple times and killing a Gorg. Ultra Rare: Fire Giant – Goes well with a lot of mythics. Epic: Lady Ironbeard – Probably one of the best troops in the whole game IMO and why I started this list.

Is Gems of war good?

All in all, Gems of War is a very, very solid match 3, free to play game. With challenging achievements the 100% may be unlikely, but an easy at least 1,000 gamerscore awaits anyone who has time for a good, free puzzle game. As such, I rate it 4/5. Gems of War is a RPG / strategy / 3-win mix.

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How do you get stronger in gems of war?

Spend Souls you earn from battles to level your Troops. As Troops gain levels they get more Skill points, making them tougher in battles. Troops will gain Skill points at every level. Similar to leveling a Troop, Ascending a Troop to a new rarity will give the Troop more Skill points.

How do you get mythic gems of war?

Mythics can be crafted if they become available for the week in the Soulforge. For an on-going update of Troops in the Soulforge, you can visit the player-made website here. As opposed to Chests which are random, crafting in the Soulforge is one of two main ways to guarantee a Mythic Troop.

How do you get legendary troops in gems of war?

Legendary is the second highest Rarity of Troops, and the highest rarity available for unascended Troops. Prior to ascension, Legendary Troops have a maximum level of 19. Legendary Troops can be acquired from Glory Keys, Gem Keys, Event Keys, VIP Keys and Bundles.

How many players play Gems of war?

Gems of War

Month Avg. Players % Gain
January 2020 1,585.8 +4.37%
December 2019 1,519.4 -3.19%
November 2019 1,569.5 +3.82%
October 2019 1,511.7 +2.54%


How does PVP work in gems of war?

In PVP, or Player versus Player, you play with your team against the defending teams of other players. The defending teams are built by other players, but played by the game AI. Note: While not in the PvP section of the game, the Arena mini-game is also a form of PVP.

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How do you get a guild bonus in gems of war?

Complete all Tasks to gain bonuses from your Guild Statues. Each Guild Task and stage of the Task can be completed by contributing Gold to unlock rewards for the entire Guild. Rewards are delivered in the mail. Complete all Tasks to unlock Legendary Tasks for better rewards.

How many kingdoms are in gems of war?

There are currently 34 accessible kingdoms in the Kingdom of Krystara which can be unlocked. There are 19 Factions in the Underworld, which is accessible after after completing the Sin of Maraj questline.

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