Quick Answer: Dragon Age Inquisition The Left Hand Of The Divine How To Acquire?

Quick Answer: Dragon Age Inquisition The Left Hand Of The Divine How To Acquire?

How do you trigger the left hand of the divine?

The Left Hand of the Divine is triggered after speaking to Leliana in Skyhold late in the game. She’ll tell you about a letter she received, requesting her to go to a chantry in Valence. If you agree to accompany her, you’ll trigger the quest.

What happens if you let leliana kill Natalie?

If you have not chosen the correct options or if you tell Leliana to kill Natalie, Leliana will remain hardened. After Leliana releases Natalie, she will go to the box and find it empty. Choose which ever option you wish for the first dialogue wheel. For the second, choose the option Stop torturing yourself.

Can you become the Divine in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Election of the Divine is done by the College of Clerics upon the death of the current Divine. Grand clerics are required to travel to Val Royeaux and convene until a new Divine is chosen. The vote must be unanimous. This page lists decisions that affect who is chosen as the Divine in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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How do I trigger leliana quest?


  1. Select the dialogue option “I’ve heard that in Orlais, minstrels are often spies.”
  2. Eventually upon returning to camp, she’ll initiate a dialogue with you admitting that she lied about why she left Orlais.
  3. Travel with Leliana in your party to trigger a random event that gives you the quest.

Should leliana kill Natalie?

You’ll know for sure which Leliana you get during “Left Hand of the Divine”, as you can persuade a more peaceful Leliana not to kill Natalie, while a ruthless Leliana kills Natalie no matter what and will even call you out for flip-flopping if you tell her to let her Justinia-related baggage go.

Should you soften leliana?

Depending on how you look at things harden Leliana aren’t necessary bad. At the end of the day it is about Leliana’s philosophy in life and how she resolve problems. Harden Leliana is cynical and aggressive and soften Leliana is hopeful and tolerant.

Should you kill Erasthenes?

Beyond this door Magister Erasthenes can be found locked behind some sort of a magical barrier at the far end of the Shrine. Talk to him to learn more about Corypheus and Calpernia and then decide his fate. Whether you kill him or let him live, however, there will be no major effect to the game progress.

Should I let leliana kill Butler?

Yep. Letting her kill Butler (the traitor), letting her believe her men are expendable (after Haven) or letting her kill Natalie will harden her. To soften her you have to stop her from doing all of those things and tell her to let Justinia go.

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What happens if leliana becomes divine?

Leliana appointed Divine She opens the priesthood to other races, declares support for the Inquisition, and rededicates the Chantry to the principle of charity.

Will I lose Cassandra if she becomes divine?

Also, no you don’t lose Cass if she’s Divine if you choose to accept her back into the party in the endgame. However, the game kind of makes it clear this is temporary and she will leave the Inquisition forever eventually.

Can leliana become divine?

If Leliana becomes Divine, she has two different outcomes depending on player choice and whether her personality became “hardened” during her side quests, which will decide whether she is a compassionate Divine or a ruthless one.

Who is the Best Divine Dragon Age Inquisition?

Vivienne is the best divine, and the only one who doesn’t break up the inner circle of the Inquisition. Her head was made for the pope hat, and I’m sure she’ll keep things entertaining.

Did leliana kill Marjolaine?

Marjolaine mistakenly believed that Leliana’s reason for emerging from the cloister was to exact revenge on her. Marjolaine could not be allowed to hound Leliana, so you killed her.

Can you romance Morrigan and Leliana at the same time?

Once you get to the point where you have to choose between the two of them, choose Morrigan. Afterward, once you complete Leliana’s quest, you should be re-engaged in a relationship with Leliana. Morrigan and Leliana should not be asking about each other either. I’ve personally done it this way, so it should work.

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How do you harden Leliana?

Regardless of choices in Origins, Leliana will always be hardened at the start of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Appropriately, she can be softened.

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