Quick Answer: How Do You Perfectly Chained Divine Ruination?

Quick Answer: How Do You Perfectly Chained Divine Ruination?

How do chains work in FFBE?

By hitting an enemy in quick succession with different units a chain is initiated, which increases the damage of your attack. A chain starts with the second successive hit. If the same unit hits twice in a row that chain ends.

How do you chain Wotv?

You can activate a Chain by attacking the same enemy unit in succession. With each attack, the Chain intensifies, and the amount of damage you deal increases. *You can chain attacks on the same unit from the second attack onward. *You can also chain attacks using Combo Attack Abilities.

How do you spark a chain in FFBE?

How to Spark Chain Manually (w/ Video)

  1. Select chaining skill for both units.
  2. Press and hold one of the units (don’t hold it too long, or the ‘d-pad’ menu will pop up).
  3. Tap the other unit while simultaneously releasing the first unit that you’re holding.

Does rain like Fina?

Fina does love Rain. She was following Lasswells cue and didn’t reveal it to Sol specifically. Lasswell knew that Sol is manic enough to use a girlfriend as a hostage to lure Rain into the open.

Is etre good Wotv?

Etre is not much useful unit to be honest. However, she is easy to enhance (because she is an event reward unit) and her trust master reward is good.

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