Quick Answer: How Does Divine Smite Work With Extra Attack?

Quick Answer: How Does Divine Smite Work With Extra Attack?

Does divine smite work with extra attack?

You can absolutely use Smite again (spending an additional spell slot) on your second attack from Extra Attack.

Can you use divine smite multiple times?

Divine Smite has no usage limit other than spell slots and while it use one, it’s not a spell.

Does divine smite take a bonus action?

However, your player is right about the Divine Smite combo because while thunderous smite is a spell that is cast using a bonus action before you attack, Divine Smite is not a spell and does not require a bonus action it is a class feature that requires no action and is used after you hit with an attack.

Can you divine smite while raging?

You can divine smite while raging, but you can ‘t use any smite spells.

Is divine smite magic damage?

So Divine Smite is a magical source of damage. It is also worth noting that Divine Smite would not do slashing damage.

Is Eldritch smite better than divine smite?

as in eldritch smite and divine smite, neither is better. for the OP: its important to note, eldritch smite automatically knocks someone prone, so it has utility outside of damage. the trade off is that per spell slot, divine smite actually hurts more.

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Can you divine smite a thrown weapon?

If a weapon has the thrown property, you can throw the weapon to make a ranged attack”, because it’s a ranged attack, and not a melee one, you can ‘t use Divine Smite on it.

Why are paladins so overpowered?

The paladins are OP because of divine smite and how it can be used in combination with minmaxxing builds and player agency to make a spotlight stealing nova-damage build.

Can you double smite?

You can certainly have the Branding Smite active when you Hit a creature. You can certainly expend a Spell Slot to Divine Smite when you hit. So you could do both of those for the same attack.

How good is divine smite?

So divine smite is much more effective in terms of damage per action. You are better off attacking twice and smiting once than attacking once and casting once, and both use the same resources. That said, paladin doesn’t get those spells. The spells they do get are things like bless, heroism, smite spells, etc.

Can you use Eldritch smite while raging?

True you can smite while raging and if you cast mirror image before you rage then the spell is still active.

Can you Spellcast while raging?

A barbarian can ‘t cast spells or concentrate on one while raging.

Can a paladin smite while raging?

A Barbarian/ Paladin cannot cast Paladin spells while Raging, but they can do a Divine Smite while Raging.

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