Quick Answer: How Much Bosses In The Divine Paradise In Yo Kai Watch 2?

Quick Answer: How Much Bosses In The Divine Paradise In Yo Kai Watch 2?

How do you get boss yokai in Yokai Watch 2?

Go to Uptown Springdale and go to the school at night. You will hear a statue talking go up to it and it will summon Slimamander. Battle him and defeat him, come back the next day(real life) and battle him again.

What is the strongest yokai in Yokai Watch?

Like the first game, YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits and YO-KAI WATCH 2: Fleshy Souls feature some new Legendary Yo-kai, the most powerful Yo-kai —and the hardest to defeat!

How do you get infinite inferno in Yokai Watch 2?

Travel to the tunnel west of Blossom Heights. The tunnel is located through the break in the steel barrier. Two men will be standing near this slightly hidden path. Use the key on the old shack to enter the Infinite Inferno.

Where is the divine paradise in yo-Kai Watch 2?

Divine Paradise (Japanese: アミダ極楽, Amida Gokuraku) is an area that appears in the Yo – kai Watch games. It’s connected to Infinite Inferno that can only be accessed after defeating Wobblewok. Just like the original dungeon, this area has Boss Yo – kai that are of stronger variants in Yo – kai Watch 2.

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Can you befriend McKraken in Yokai Watch 2?

Trivia. McKracken is the only Boss Yo-kai fought in the main story of the Yo-kai Watch video game to be fought again. McKraken is the first final Boss Yo-kai that can be befriended.

Can you befriend boss yokai?

The Boss Yo – kai (Japanese: ボス妖怪, Bosu Yōkai) are powerful enemy Yo – kai which the player usually cannot befriend or recruit, and are typically stronger than most Yo – kai the player has met up to that point.

How do you befriend Enma awoken?

Yo-kai Watch 3 Then, go to the Cluvian Continent and talk to Mister E. He will give the player an Awoken Tag. The player will then have access to the dungeon Mt Cluvimpus – Lord Enma Awoken. Upon beating the dungeon, there is a rare chance that the player will befriend Lord Enma Awoken.

What is the weakest yokai?

Which of these yokai is the weakest

  • Komajiro. 11.8%
  • Komasan. 17.6%
  • Bloominoko. 21.6%
  • Thornyan. 43.1%
  • Shadow Venoct. 5.9%

What is Insomni’s favorite food?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Insomni Eerie Sweets

How do you unlock the infinite inferno in yo-Kai Watch 3?

Infinite Inferno (Japanese: ムゲン地獄, Mugen Jigoku) is an area that appears in the Yo – kai Watch games. It’s a prison filled with strong Yo – kai, that can only be accessed after beating the main story of the video games.

What to do after beating yo-Kai Watch 2?

  1. Rank S Watch. After completing the main game, you can talk to Mr.
  2. The Infinite Inferno. Visit the Stone House in the northernmost part of Breezy Hills and talk to everyone there to get the Shack Key.
  3. The Divine Paradise. You will reach the Divine Paradise after you defeat all of the bosses of the Infinite Inferno.
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How do you get the shard of evil in yo Kai Watch 2?

In Yokai Watch you can obtain the Shard of Evil from Terror Time chests and from quest given by Beelzebold. In Yokai Watch 2 the Shard of Evil can be obtained throught the Oni Crank.

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