Quick Answer: How To Get Divine Chest Smite?

Quick Answer: How To Get Divine Chest Smite?

How do you get smite Convention Skins?

Convention skins arent just in divine chests, they can also be gotten from any odyssey chests. Digital tickets are available to get the skins.

What’s in the godlike chest smite?

Description. This special chest has a chance of unlocking Recolors, Tier 2 and 3 Skins, or rare chance at a T4 skin, Voice Packs, Announcer Packs, or the Exclusive Head over Heels Cupid Skin. This chest can be earned as a reward from the Commendations system.

How do chests work in smite?

Some chests contain bundles made up of multiple cosmetic items and all of the items in the bundle will unlock when rolled. Some chests feature the “Treasure Choice” system, where the player gets to pick a specific item after rolling on the chest a certain amount of times.

What is the rarest smite skin?

I believe Winter Olympian Athena & Weltmeister 2014 Xbalanque are considered the rarest skins in the game due to the fact that not a lot of people played when the Athena skin was released (2013 if I’m not mistaken) & the Xbalanque skin was only released for a series of a few days.

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Can you still get deathbringer King Arthur?

Claim your FREE Deathbringer skin! The King Arthur bundle is still available for @TwitchPrime members. Grab it before it’s gone!

What is a Tier 5 skin smite?

Tier 5: These are special limited skins that come with unique cosmetic features that no other skins have. Example: Archon Thanatos, Ragnarok Force X Thor.

How do I get a godlike chest?

A Godlike Chest is earned after opening a combination of 20 Winner’s, Champion’s, and Hero’s Chest and will contain the rarest items including the exclusive Cupid skin.

How do you get the god like chest in smite?

You can get a Godlike from the commendations, but it takes a whole lot of them. If you’re on PC, look at your profile, then the bottom button should show you your progress on how many commendations you’ve gotten this month. Thanks! Getting 600 commendations gets you a godlike chest each month.

Are smite chests random?

They are random with weighted odds. Miac cosmetics got a higher chance to show up than god skins, and standard god skins got a higher chance to show up than the exclusive ones, and I believe the “flagship” skin of a chest got the lowest chance out of all of them.

What is the most expensive skin in smite?

Most valuable is probably Sea Maiden Medusa. Mine red hood and child play scylla. Red hood was my old love, but when i started to buy skins it was just in chest.

How do you get Thanatos Archon skin?

So you want Archon Thanatos? Step 1: Donate to help Make -A-Wish Georgia grant wishes to kids in need. Step 2: Hover over the Battlegrounds in the most sought-after skin in the game.

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How do you get a soulless machine Sol?

Soulless Machine Sol can be unlocked for free after purchasing all 4 items in the Rising Dawn event!

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