Quick Answer: Sword Art Online What Fairy Races Specialize In Divine Magic?

Quick Answer: Sword Art Online What Fairy Races Specialize In Divine Magic?

What is the strongest races in ALfheim online?

Inhabitants of the Desert Area of the South, the red-styled Salamanders are considered the strongest race in terms of attack power and are masters of Fire Magic. From the Ancient Runes Area of the Northeast, the black-styled Spriggans are masters of Illusion Magic and excel in treasure seeking.

What are the fairy races in Sao?

The nine races to choose from are; Cait Sith, Gnome, Imp, Leprechaun, Pooka, Salamander, Spriggan, Sylph, and Undine.

Why is kirito the only spriggan?

Since Kirito and Suguha were accessing the game from the same IP address (which is quite common for IPv4 in real world), Kirito’s positional data got glitched up and he was dropped in the forest where Suguha (Leafa) was, instead of the hometown of the Spriggan.

Who is the most powerful player in Sao?

Kirigaya Kazuto, known as Kirito, is the main character of Sword Art Online and the strongest character / player in the Sword Art Online series.

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Does Kazuto marry Asuna?

Shortly after, Asuna and Kirito return to Asuna’s home. Asuna and Kirito quickly began their leave of absence from the Knights of the Blood Oath and once buying their new home, they get married and begin to enjoy their honeymoon.

Did kirito and Asuna breakup?

No, they never did break up in SAO, sorry. They are together forever!

How old is kirito?


Kirigaya Kazuto
Series Sword Art Online
Age 14-5 (Aincrad Arc) 16 (end of Aincrad Arc; Fairy Dance Arc) 17 (Phantom Bullet Arc; Alicization Arc)
Birthday October 7, 2008
Sex Male

Does asuna die?

She doesn’t die at any point in the series.

Who is the cat girl in Sao?

Alicia Rue (アリシャ・ルー, Arisha Rū?) is a supporting character in the Fairy Dance Arc and a reoccurring character throughout the Sword Art Online series. She is the Lord of the Cait Sith race in «ALfheim Online» (ALO).

Is kirito dead?

During Kirito’s struggle with Kuradeel, he almost died but it seemed that the bleed rate was slow enough for him to survive. Furthermore, this bleeding may be counteracted by any sort of self-regeneration he may have. When struck by Kayaba, Kirito did not die instantly.

Did kirito shakes the universe?

Once Kirito awakes in the Underworld, he and Asuna stay in there for more than a thousand years (in Underworld Time) and live a full life, becoming the Star King and Star Queen and advancing civilizations. Kirito becomes strong enough to shake the universe with 20% of his power and Asuna can control terrain (I think).

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Does kirito marry Asuna in the real world?

Kirito said that nothing would end and nothing would start until Asuna was released from the virtual world. After rescuing Asuna in ALfheim Online (ALO), the two of them finally met face to face and they officially became a couple in the real world.

Can kirito beat Alice?

Alice is stronger than Kirito in pure swordsmanship (it’s described as superhuman. Kirito himself admitted that her dreadfully fast and accurate strikes are better than his own multi-hit skills) and Sacred arts.

Who’s stronger kirito or asuna?

Although Kirito is a higher level, has greater strength stats, higher reaction speed, and access to duel wielding skills (most of which he only used once or twice, meaning Asuna would have no idea how to block them) Asuna has much greater speed and uses a rapier (which would be hard for Kirito to block using his own

Can kirito beat Naruto?

Kirito would beat naruto if naruto was in the game because naruto would start as a noob. If it wasn’t in the game Naruto wouldn’t have to do anything to win, he can heal so fast bullets and most knives are ineffective to him. And Kirito is just a normal human.

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