Quick Answer: What Is The Best Objection To Divine Command Theory Site:Quizlet.Com?

Quick Answer: What Is The Best Objection To Divine Command Theory Site:Quizlet.Com?

Which of the following is a major objection to divine command theory?

Of the many objections to this theory, the four main ones are that it makes morality arbitrary, that it cannot work in a pluralistic society, that it makes morality infantile, and that it is viciously circular.

What might be a problem for divine command theory quizlet?

God might not exist. There are two problems with Divine Command Theory. First that it requires God’s Commandment and second The logical Problem as illustrated in “Euthyphro”. Explain the second problem, the logical one.

What are the two dilemmas posed by the divine command theory quizlet?

Why does the Euthyphro dilemma pose problems for divine command theories? Because the divine command theory is the view of morality in which what is right is what God commands, and what is wrong is what God forbids. Euthyphro dilemma suggests that the relationship between morality & religion might not be clear cut.

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Is the divine command theory objective?

It is from God’s commands that actions are determined to be right or wrong and, because of this, divine command theory provides an objective assessment of what is ethical or moral.

What are the problems with divine command theory explain?

grounding of morality. Thus, divine command theory gives us reason to worry that God’s commands are arbitrary as universal moral standards of action. They may or may not be benevolent, loving, or have any other property we consider morally praiseworthy, and they may in fact be cruel and harsh.

What is the hardest problem for the divine command theory?

One problem with opting for number 1 in the above dilemma is that it becomes difficult if not impossible to conceive of God as morally good, because if the standards of moral goodness are set by God’s commands, then the claim “God is morally good” is equivalent to “God obeys His own commands ”.

What is the main principle of divine command theory quizlet?

An act is morally required just because it is commanded by God, and immoral just because God forbids it. -morality requires faith in god and an afterlife.

Which of the following is a criticism of the divine command theory?

Other criticisms of divine command theory include: Religious scriptures are generally ancient and are hard to interpret against the complexities of today’s society. As a result, religion as an ethical system does not provide specific ethical guidance to specific ethical dilemmas.

Is the divine command theory sound?

It turns out that none of the arguments for the existence of God are sound. Yet none of the arguments against the existence of God are sound, either. So we have no way to either reject or justify premise (2). To the extent that God’s existence is an open question, the argument from God’s Existence is inconclusive.

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What are the two dilemmas posed by the divine command theory?

This paper will develop an argument for the position that “something is holy because it is loved by the gods,” however this argument works on the premise that there is one God who is omnipotent, therefore changing the assertion to “what is good and right is only good and right because God commands it.” Two issues

What will the divine command theorist say is true prior to God’s commands?

If divine command theory is true, then God’s will is the standard of moral goodness. To say that God is good, then, would be to say that God is as he wills himself to be. To say that God’s commands are good would be to say that God commands what he wants to command.

What is the euthyphro dilemma Why is it important for ethics?

Euthyphro’s dilemma is a challenge to the moral absolutist position of divine command theory in meta- ethics. Divine command theory, which is generally held by many monotheistic religions, holds that ethical statements such as “charity is good” obtain their truth values from attributes of God.

What are the limitations of divine command theory?

The challenges against Divine Command Theory means that it is difficult to apply to modern life. The incompatibility with our understanding of the world makes it difficult to justify wide-spread acceptance of it.

What is the central weakness with divine command theory?

He also contended that, as knowledge of God is required for morality by divine command theory, atheists and agnostics could not be moral; he saw this as a weakness of the theory.

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What is divine command theory essay?

The Divine command theory is a meta – ethical theory which states that an action is obligatory if and only if, it is commanded by God. This suggests that no action can be held as being morally good unless God commands it.

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