Readers ask: Divine Divinity 2 How Do You Cure Mona?

Readers ask: Divine Divinity 2 How Do You Cure Mona?

Can you heal Mona Divinity 2?

So, you can ‘t heal Mona then.

How do you get Mona to sell to you?

When you talk to Mona, you can look at the left side of the dialogue box and click it to trade with her.

Should I kill Magister sang?

Bless skills will only temporarily heal him of his Decomposing debuff, but after a short delay will be reapplied, rendering it useless. There is currently no known way to heal him of his afflictions; mercy killing him seems to be the only option.

How do you get to Mona in Divinity 2?

Mona at the Fort Joy Ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin 2. She is the Necromancer trainer. Can be found at a tent near the wall in the south part of the Fort Joy Ghetto.

How do I get Bless In Divinity 2?

Bless Spell Book Location The characters learn this skill after clearing the Dark Cavern or Braccus Rex’s Tower and visiting the Hall of Echoes for the first time.

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What is the Black Cat in Divinity 2?

Black Cat is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2) which follows the first character in party it sees. You can converse with it using the Pet Pal talent, but it doesn’t tell you much and seems confused.

Can you heal Verdas?

Verdas cannot be cured. The player can elect to leave him alone after their exchange, or kill him.

Where is Erma?

Erma, New Jersey
Country United States
State New Jersey
County Cape May
Township Lower


Who can you kill in Fort joy?

One of the worst things for me in an RPG is when you can kill everyone and the game does not react to it in a meaningful. You can destroy every companion and Fort joy and future city and still be known as a nobody. Pet Pal

  • Pet Pal.
  • Lone Wolf.
  • Savage Sortilege.
  • Hothead.
  • Elemental Affinity.
  • Executioner.

Should you give Gratiana her soul jar?

If you give her the soul jar, she will open it, thank you, and reward you with a choice of uncommon equipment or a skill book. Party gains 30 attitude with her and 4200XP. If you consume her soul, Gratiana dies and leaves behind some rare loot, Astarte’s Tears, and a few skill books, and you gain 2100XP.

Is Braccus Rex armor good?

It’s actually a decent armor set, the problem is that it’s only useful for a couple of levels, maybe 3. The game is badly balanced with regards to stat increases level by level. A one-level old piece of equipment can be 20-30% worse than the current gear, and that phases out everything very quickly.

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What happens if you bless Voidwoken?

What happens if you bless Voidwoken? Bless can be used to bless Characters, Surfaces or Clouds. When applied to a Character Bless gives Blessed status effect which grants 10% Accuracy, 10% Dodge and 15% to All Resistances. Blessing Characters will also turn status effects into their Blessed counterparts (see below).

How do you get into the Braccus Rex vault?

Read the Journal and travel to Dark Cavern which is located all the way to the southeast of the island, and you must escape Fort Joy and pass through the Hollow Marshes to get there. Talk to Trompdoy and then head to his left across the illusionary bridge which you cannot see behind the illusory crates.

How do you get vampiric hunger?

Vampiric Hunger is a Hydrosophist Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.

  1. Vampiric Hunger location. Combine any Hydrosophist Skill book and any Scoundrel Skill book. (
  2. Vampiric Hunger effects. Scroll cannot be crafted.
  3. Vampiric Hunger trivia & strategies.
  4. Vampiric Hunger builds.

Where is butter divinity original sin2?

Butter information Later, she can be found in Arx on the islands south of Kemm’s Mansion near coordinates (X:205 Y:185), if the MC flirts with her in Fort Joy.

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