Readers ask: How To Get Divine Shaman In Transformice?

Readers ask: How To Get Divine Shaman In Transformice?

How do you practice shaman in transformice?

Training is a room where you can practice your shaman skills by yourself. It can be accessed by clicking Menu and then Training. You are then moved to a room according to your username, “Training Username”. For example if Tigrounette went into his Training room, it would be “Training Tigrounette”.

How do you level up shaman in transformice?

When you obtain cheese or save mice, you gain experience (EXP). Experience allows you to be able to evolve your shaman and to gain more skills in five very unique skill trees, effectively making your shaman more powerful.

How do you get points on transformice?

Players can level up to gain skill points, one skill point for each level. A player increases their level by gaining experience points, awarded for completing maps or saving mice as the shaman.

How do you make a totem in transformice?

To make a totem you must have saved over 1000 mice. Click on the feather next to the help/rules and click on “Edit your totem “. This will take you to map 444, where you can create your totem. You can use up to 20 objects (but only one world anchor) in the creation of your totem.

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What is divine mode transformice?

Divine mode is a shaman mode released on 26 May 2014, in V1. 159. After saving a total of at least 5000 mice in normal mode, and at least 2,000 saves earned in Hard mode, this mode will be unlocked. Divine mode was created for mice who are smart, creative, and aware of how the physics work in the game.

How do you get hard mode on transformice?

After a mouse first hits 1,000 mice saved, they need to restart the game, Transformice, for them to unlock Hard mode as a setting. To turn on Hard mode, you must select the feather icon next to the animations in the game’s UI.

How do you get titles in transformice?

Titles are unlockable words or phrases you can apply to your mouse. They appear below the names of players. All new players begin with one title —Little Mouse, and can earn more by completing specific goals. You can achieve as many titles as you want, but may only assign one to your mouse at any time.

How do you make an anvil with God?

This construct can be created by attaching the mouse to a balloon and then securing it with a red world-nailed plank. An anvil god should then be attached to the center of the plank. Alternatively, if a pre-made anvil god has a red nail, it can be attached directly to the balloon without a plank.

How do you climb walls in transformice?


  1. Fall down and towards the wall. Your mouse should extend his or her forelegs as if about to run. Holding the arrow key while near the top of a longer wall will show the running animation.
  2. Tap away from the wall. It’s important not to jump too far away from the wall.
  3. Jump.
  4. Repeat.

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