Readers ask: In An Extended Response, Explain How This Act Proves Hamlet Is Concerned With Divine Punishment.?

Readers ask: In An Extended Response, Explain How This Act Proves Hamlet Is Concerned With Divine Punishment.?

What Happens in Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2?

Summary: Act II, scene ii. Within the castle, Claudius and Gertrude welcome Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two of Hamlet’s friends from Wittenberg. He has therefore sent a request back to Claudius that Prince Fortinbras’s armies be allowed safe passage through Denmark on their way to attack the Poles.

What is Act 4 of Hamlet about?

Claudius hatches a plan whereby Laertes will challenge Hamlet to a duel and fight with an unblunted sword with a poisoned tip. Claudius also plans to poison Hamlet’s drink, just to make sure he dies. Gertrude announces to Claudius and Laertes that Ophelia has taken her life and drowned.

What Happens in Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4?

Summary and Analysis Act III: Scene 4. As promised, Polonius arrives in Gertrude’s room before Hamlet and hides himself behind an arras. He instructs Gertrude to be entirely blunt with her son. Hamlet draws his sword and thrusts it through the tapestry, killing Polonius.

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How does Hamlet act after he has killed someone?

The first time the audience sees Hamlet after he has killed someone, he says “Safely stowed.” What does he mean? Hamlet’s attitude towards Rosencrantz and Guildenstern changes over the course of the play. By Act 4, Scene 2, what does he say about them? They are spies for Claudius.

Who does Hamlet compare himself to Act 2 Scene 2?

In the beginning of the soliloquy, Hamlet creates a melancholy atmosphere, since he is questioning his ability of emotion. He compares himself with the actor, how the actor has no connections to his character, but somehow he is capable to draw so much emotion.

How does Hamlet feel about himself Act 2 Scene 2?

He resents himself for being unable to stir up the anger and vengefulness he would need to man up and murder Claudius. Hamlet knows that he’s stalling, and hates himself for it.

What does Hamlet’s soliloquy in Act 4 Scene 4 mean?

Hamlet’s soliloquy as he observes the Norwegian soldiers heading for Poland represents Hamlet’s turning point: “What is a man / If his chief good and market of his time / Be but to sleep and feed? Hamlet finally realizes that his duty to revenge is so great that the end must justify the means.

What happened to Hamlet in Act 4 Scene 6?

Summary: Act IV, scene vi In the letter, Hamlet says that his ship was captured by pirates, who have returned him to Denmark. He asks Horatio to escort the sailors to the king and queen, for they have messages for them as well.

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What happens to Ophelia at the end of Act 4?

In Act 4 Scene 7, Queen Gertrude reports that Ophelia had climbed into a willow tree (There is a willow grows aslant the brook), and that the branch had broken and dropped Ophelia into the brook, where she drowned. Gertrude says that Ophelia appeared “incapable of her own distress”.

Why does the ghost reappear in scene four Why does Hamlet think he has come?

Instead of feeling any remorse, Hamlet turns on his mother, attacking her for marrying Claudius so soon after her husband’s death. In the middle of his tirade, the ghost makes an appearance to remind Hamlet of his real goal: vengeance.

What are three reasons why Hamlet’s mother is so fearful of him during this scene?

What are three reasons why Hamlet’s mother is so fearful of him during this scene? – She is not sure whether he is mad or sane. – Hamlet kills Polonius in her room. – Hamlet speaks to a Ghost she cannot see.

Why can’t Gertrude see the ghost?

The simple answer is that Gertrude does not see the ghost because the author, Shakespeare, does not want her to. He’s the one who wrote it that way.

What has happened to Ophelia?

Soon after, Hamlet mistakenly kills Polonius. The combination of her former lover’s cruelty and her father’s death sends Ophelia into a fit of grief. In Act Four she spirals into madness and dies under ambiguous circumstances. Ophelia’s tragedy lies in the way she loses her innocence through no fault of her own.

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How is Fortinbras a foil to Hamlet?

Fortinbras acting as a foil to Hamlet, Decides to handle his plan in a much more active, direct way; he attempts to fight for what his father lost. Comparatively, Fortinbras is not the only son in the play who acts as a foil to Hamlet. Laertes has similar issues with the situation surrounding his father’s death.

Why is Hamlet not sure if he can trust the ghost of his father?

This comes to show Hamlet ‘ s inability to trust the Ghost because he didn’t believe that the existence of the ghost of his father would be possible, he believed that the apparition might be a devil trying to lure him in to committing an unjustified act, and he needed to rely on Claudius’s reaction to the play to

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