Readers ask: In Dante’s Medieval Epic, The Divine Comedy, What Does The Figure Of Virgil Symbolize?

Readers ask: In Dante’s Medieval Epic, The Divine Comedy, What Does The Figure Of Virgil Symbolize?

Which of these figures was most influential in the development of the codes and customs of courtly love?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was a central figure in the spread of this new “ courtly ” culture of chivalry and love.

During what period and in what locale was the Gothic style of building at its height?

Definition of Medieval Gothic Architecture Spanning from the mid-12th century to the late 16th century, this style of architecture flourished during the high and late medieval period. With time it developed from the Romanesque architecture, which later evolved into Renaissance architecture.

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Which figure was a great king of the ancient Israelites who expanded their?

1000 bce), second king of ancient Israel. He founded the Judaean dynasty and united all the tribes of Israel under a single monarch. His son Solomon expanded the empire that David built. David is an important figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Which work best applies the belief that architecture should resemble sculpture in its flowing line and organic shape?

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum best applies the belief that architecture should resemble sculpture in its flowing line and organic shape.

Which structure is an example of the Basilica style church?

One great example of a traditional basilica style church was old St. Peters Basilica. It was built by the order of the Roman Emperor Constantine and became his greatest building that he built. Construction started in around 330 AD and finished in around 360 AD.

Which name or term is best associated with the development of sacred music in medieval Christianity?

Liturgical music, also called church music, music written for performance in a religious rite of worship. The term is most commonly associated with the Christian tradition.

What materials are used during Gothic Revival?

Gothic architecture is typically associated with achievements in the use of stone and glass—exemplified by the soaring vaults and delicate apertures of medieval churches.

What are the elements of Gothic architecture?

While the Gothic style can vary according to location, age, and type of building, it is often characterized by 5 key architectural elements: large stained glass windows, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and ornate decoration.

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What are the main characteristics of Neo Gothic architecture?

The most commonly identifiable feature of the Gothic Revival style is the pointed arch, used for windows, doors, and decorative elements like porches, dormers, or roof gables. Other characteristic details include steeply pitched roofs and front facing gables with delicate wooden trim called vergeboards or bargeboards.

Who is the first king of Israel?

In the Book of Samuel, Saul, the first king of Israel, failed to reach a decisive victory against an enemy tribe, the Philistines. God sent the Prophet Samuel to Bethlehem and guided him to David, a humble shepherd and talented musician.

Why was King David so special to God?

Because he was hungry for God, he sought after God, he had a passion for spiritual things, and he tried to please God despite his failures. His actions proved he was a God chaser: He penned 73 Psalms of worship. He loved God’s presence so much he wanted to be as close to it as possible.

Who was the last king of Israel?

Hoshea, also spelled Hosea, or Osee, Assyrian Ausi, in the Old Testament (2 Kings 15:30; 17:1–6), son of Elah and last king of Israel (c. 732–724 bc).

What is the most important element of art?

Color. Color (or hue) is at the heart of every painting. It is arguably the most important element because it sets the tone for how viewers feel about the work.

What is the front of a painting called?

It is also called the center of interest. Foreground – the part of a work of art that appears to be in the front, nearest to the viewer, usually in the lower part of the picture.

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Which best defines Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of satyagraha?

This is the doctrine of satyagraha in a nutshell.” For Gandhi, satyagraha went far beyond mere “passive resistance” and became strength in practising non-violent methods. In his words: Truth (satya) implies love, and firmness (agraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force.

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