Readers ask: Pad How Come You Get Divine Chocolate Instead Of The Monster?

Readers ask: Pad How Come You Get Divine Chocolate Instead Of The Monster?

How has the ownership of Divine Chocolate changed?

Divine Chocolate Ltd (UK) has acquired the 69% of Divine Chocolate Inc (USA) that was in other ownership, through a mutually agreed share swap, resulting in Divine Chocolate Ltd owning 100% of Divine Chocolate Inc., whilst bringing in some minority shareholdings to Divine UK.

What is the purpose of divine chocolate?

Divine Chocolate is a global social enterprise driven by a mission. Our mission is to grow a successful global farmer owned chocolate company using the amazing power of chocolate to delight and engage, and bring people together to create dignified trading relations, thereby empowering producers and consumers.

Who started Divine Chocolate?

Greenhouse Fairtrade Pioneer: Sophi Tranchell, founder of Divine Chocolate.

How does divine chocolate make money?

Kuapa Kokoo owns a share of Divine Chocolate and receives several income streams from their chocolate company. The first is the income from their cocoa bought at the guaranteed minimum Fairtrade price of $2000 per tonne ($2400 from October 2019), which protects the farmers from the volatility of the market.

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How does Divine Chocolate operate?

Differently. Divine Chocolate is a global, farmer-owned chocolate company. We use the amazing power of chocolate to delight and engage. We bring people together to create dignified trading relations, empowering both producers and consumers.

Has Divine Chocolate avoided ethical difficulties?

Some consumers that we’ve come across seem dismayed at the lack of organic certification, considering that Divine is a company clearly committed to ethics. Until enough tests have been done on organically approved pesticides in the Ghanaian context, introducing organic cocoa farming is considered high risk.

How much is divine chocolate worth?

Divine Chocolate is a £14.8m ($18.7m) international company based in the UK and US, and 44% owned by the Kuapa Kokoo farmers’ co-operative in Ghana.

Where is divine chocolate made?

Divine Chocolate’s roots are planted in Ghana, where in the early 1990s, the cocoa market was wildly unstable, and farmers found it hard to fend for themselves while middle merchants and Western chocolate companies were thriving. One farmer decided to do something about this inequitable system.

Who is the CEO of Divine Chocolate?

The Divine difference: Interview with Sophi Tranchell, CEO, on her 20 years at the Fairtrade chocolate brand – LISTEN. Divine Chocolate was established in 1998 by a co-operative of cocoa farmers in Ghana that owns 44% of the company and shares in its profit.

Is Divine chocolate Fairtrade?

Divine Chocolate is the only Fairtrade chocolate company that is also co-owned by cocoa farmers.

Is Divine Chocolate Organic?

Made with cocoa farmed in São Tomé, our Divine Organic collection is 100% organic, vegan, certified Fairtrade, and exceptionally special.

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Who sells Divine chocolate?

Where to buy Divine

  • Booths.
  • Oxfam Food.
  • Waitrose.
  • Whole Foods Market.
  • The Co-op.
  • WHSmith.

Is Divine chocolate palm oil free?

Divine does not use any palm oil in its chocolate and aims not to use any additional ingredients that contain palm oil. – Rainforests are still being cut down to plant palm oil plantations and we do not want to subscribe to the impact this has on the environment and animal habitats.

Is Divine Chocolate kosher?

The company is currently working on kosher certification.

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