Readers ask: What Does Divine Intervention Do In Morrowind?

Readers ask: What Does Divine Intervention Do In Morrowind?

How does divine intervention work Morrowind?

Transports you instantly to the nearest Imperial Cult shrine, usually found within an Imperial Legion fort. Good for escaping from a sticky situation, or just as a means of fast transportation.

Who sells divine intervention Morrowind?

Or you could buy the spell from Synnolian Tunifus in the Imperial Chapel(downstairs) in Ebonheart, Aunius Autrus in the Wolverine Hall Imperial Shrine, or Arnand Liric in Ft. Buckmoth(downstairs). Or, if you’re an Acolyte in the Imperial Cult, Lalatia Varian also sells it.

What happened to the hero of Morrowind?

Following the fulfillment of the prophecies, the Nerevarine vanished. In 3E 433, there are rumors that the Nerevarine has left on an expedition to Akavir, and has not been heard from since their departure.

What are the 36 lessons of vivec?

Written by ex-Bethesda designer Michael Kirkbride, The 36 Lessons are Vivec’s own account of their strange birth, life and ascension to godhood as a member of the Tribunal (or ALMSIVI), the three god-kings of Morrowind.

Can you get a house in Morrowind?

There are four dedicated player houses in Morrowind and its expansions, as well as four further dwellings that are designated by quests as being for the player’s use. All of these homes are earned as quest rewards and cannot be conventionally purchased.

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Where do I get divine intervention Scrolls?


  • Ald’ruhn, Mages Guild.
  • Ashir-Dan.
  • Balmora, Mages Guild.
  • Nammu.
  • Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Mages Guild.
  • Shal.
  • Thelas Ancestral Tomb.
  • Vivec, Foreign Quarter: Mages Guild.

What is the divine intervention?

Divine intervention is the interference of a deity in human life, popularly extended to any miraculous-seeming turn of events.

Who killed nerevar?

The Shrine of St. Nerevar. In Ashlanders texts, however, Nerevar was not killed in combat, but by his three advisors, Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil. In this account, Nerevar made them swear to never use the tools, and they obeyed, but secretly conspired to murder Nerevar so that they might gain power.

Is the Nerevarine Dragonborn?

Neither Hound nor Guar, nor Seed nor Harrow, But Dragon-born and far-star-marked, This seems to say that the Nerevarine, in addition to being the reincarnation of Lord Nerevar, is a Dragonborn.

Why does dagoth ur call you nerevar?

Voryn now called himself Dagoth Ur from that point on, though other sources claim that Nerevar coined the name. For breaking their promise to never use the tools, Azura appeared in anger, turning the Chimer into the Dunmer and prophesying that Nerevar would be incarnated and curse them for their deeds.

Who wrote the real Barenziah?

The Real Barenziah Books are a five book series written by Plitinius Mero.

What is a Hortator?

A Hortator is a position given to a leader of a Great House (e.g. Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni), who leads them in times of crisis. This position is only granted in times of extreme danger, and so it is very rare for there to be a Hortator in Morrowind.

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What are the walking ways?

And here are my guesses:

  • The Prolix Tower.
  • The Psijic Endeavor.
  • The Numidium.
  • Mantling (Enantiomorph)
  • CHIM.
  • Scarab that transforms into the New Man.

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