Readers ask: Who To Give Divine Ember Dark Souls?

Readers ask: Who To Give Divine Ember Dark Souls?

Who do I give the embers to in Dark Souls?

Embers are given to blacksmiths so they can grant weapon ascension used in modifying weapons.

Should I give the blacksmith The Divine Ember?

Should I give it to the first blacksmith? Give it to whoever asks for it, as they only ask for ones they can use, and no two blacksmiths can use the same ember. It allows you to upgrade different types of weapons, such as Divine.

Do I give Andre Divine Ember?

Yea you should, as far as I know the only purpose for embers is to be given to blacksmiths for weapon ascension. Also each blacksmith will require certain embers, so both the large ember and the divine one go to Andre. If you are after achievements, you have no choice but to give the embers to their smiths.

Who should I give the large ember to in Dark Souls?

Given to Blacksmith Andre to allow him to modify +5 normal weapons to +10 normal, and +5 raw.

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What does Divine Ember do?

Divine Ember Usage Given to Blacksmith Andre to allow him to ascend a +5 standard weapon to a divine weapon. This divine weapon can then be upgraded to an additional +5.

Who do I give large magic ember to?

Large Magic Ember Usage Give to Rickert of Vinheim to ascend +5 Magic weapons into +10 Magic.

Are divine weapons good?

Divine weapons are used for hunting the Undead. When fully upgraded, they are said to be as powerful as the weapons of the Gods. Weapons that are innately imbued are blessed, and are very effective against the Dark.

What blacksmith makes divine weapons?

Availability. Required for Divine +6 weapons The Divine Upgrade Path is a form of weapon ascension and becomes available to Andre of Astora after he receives the Divine Ember found in Darkroot Garden. Giving him the Large Divine Ember found in the Tomb of the Giants allows him to ascend Divine weapons to +6.

Where do I grind twinkling Titanite?

The best place to farm Twinkling Titanite is the Ash Lake, a hidden area found at the base of the massive tree in the swamps of Blighttown. To reach Ash Lake, travel to the bottom of Blighttown and break the illusory wall near the giant tree trunk.

How do you give Andre Divine Ember?

The divine ember is given to Andre of Astora, in the Undead Parish. He will ask you for it if you have it. Once given to him, he can ascend +5 normal weapons to +0 divine with a green titanite shard and some souls.

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Should I give Andre large ember?

General information. Giving the Very Large Ember to Andre of Astora gives him the ability to ascend a standard weapon from +10 to +11, allowing for further standard weapon reinforcement from +11 to +15 (the highest it can go).

How many divine embers are there?

As you near the end-game — or if you’re playing PvP — it’s even more important to max out your weapons. You can do so by finding the game’s 10 hidden embers. Each can be taken to a specific blacksmith so that they can ascend your weapons into more powerful versions of themselves.

Where is very large ember ds1?

Very Large Ember Location New Londo Ruins. After lowering the water level, go up the staircase found in a corner of the room with all the wooden cubicles (the building was perhaps once a hospital). The ember is located in a chest on the third floor.

Is there only one large ember in Dark Souls?

User Info: Veedrock- Embers are permanent, you don’t need more than one. You can’t gift them, and they don’t carry over into NG+.

How do you get a large ember in ds1?

The Large Ember can be found at the beginning of the Depths. Once you have entered the Depths and progressed passed the undead that attacks with torches, and swords you will proceed down some stairs to an area with an Undead Attack Dog and a Butcher at a table.

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