What Is The Divine Masculine?

What Is The Divine Masculine?

What is the divine feminine and masculine?

Traits of the Divine Masculine include logic, reason, action, firmness, survival, loyalty, adventurousness, strength, and rationality, according to BeyondTheOrdinaryShow.com. Meanwhile, the Divine Feminine encompasses intuition, nurturing, healing, gentleness, expression, wisdom, patience, emotions, and flexibility.

What is divine masculine essence?

The Divine Masculine discerns what is best of you and gives you the courage to act on it. It has the capacity to dedicate time and energy to what has most meaning and empowers us as women to claim success in what matters most to us and overcome procrastination.

What happens when the divine masculine awakens?

When the Divine Masculine meets the true awakened Feminine “When the Masculine meets the true, awakened Feminine, it arouses a new sensation in him, and it activates specific levels of consciousness that demand his full attention.

What does the divine masculine want?

Here comes the Ego… Just think about it: The Divine Masculine loves competition, loves to win, always looking for the next level and upgrading.

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What is divine masculine twin flame?

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are archetypes that exist in all relationships between twin flames. This is a divine union and/or sacred union, and the joint energies brings about an awakening. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine bring with them different traits to the divine union.

Can a guy be a divine feminine?

It is a force that exists in everyone male and female, it is a state of being and awareness. The divine feminine has been hidden from most men due to their masculine veil! The divine feminine in you seeks to awaken you, at your deepest levels of self-understanding. So that you may live the fullest life of love.

What are the traits of masculinity?

Traits traditionally viewed as masculine in Western society include strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness. Machismo is a form of masculinity that emphasizes power and is often associated with a disregard for consequences and responsibility.

How do you know if your divine is masculine?

The divine masculine uses logic and rationality to ground dreams into reality. He is practical and focuses on schedules and tasks with ease. He loves putting plans to ideas and excels at execution. As he moves toward his divine feminine, he’s able to take her ideas and put them into motion.

How do I activate divine masculine?

5 ways to activate your divine masculine and your greatest potential with it:

  1. Activate the greatest vision of your life. The divine masculine is the great provider.
  2. Lean into trust. When you lean into trust, magic happens.
  3. Practice radical self love and self acceptance.
  4. As well as receiving, take!
  5. Initiate powerful action.
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What does the masculine twin flame feel?

So What Does the Masculine Twin Flame Feel? The DM technically feels the same way you do. They feel the same intense attraction twin flames go through and they’re always going to be subconsciously connected to the divine feminine. It’s how they react to their feelings that differ.

How do you know if your twin flame is awakened?

During this time both you are your Twin are in this Bubble of Love where nothing else, and no-one else really seems to matter. When this time period ends and things start to get tense, one of you, usually the ‘ Awakened Twin Flame ‘ finds out that you are Twin Flames ( if you didn’t already know ).

Who knows first twin flame?

In truth, it can be either twin flame which knows first. On some level they both know already — but one becomes more aware of it on the 2D first. When my real twin and I met face to face on a video session, and our eye’s met, there was an instant connection and recognition on a soul level that we knew each other.

Is everyone a divine feminine?

Though on its surface, the concept seems to play into the gender binary, Kingsbury explains that it’s an energy that’s available to anyone. “People often think the Divine Feminine is only for women, but in fact [ everyone carries] feminine and masculine wisdom and tools,” Kingsbury explains.

What does the feminine twin flame feel?

Many a feminine twin flame has found ‘herself’ scratching her head in utter bewilderment, confusion, or even excruciating pain in the aftermath of receiving this kind of treatment.

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What is Kundalini awakening twin flame?

Kundalini awakening in Twin Flames refers to the shared chakra system versus being connected through chakra cords as typically soulmates connect to one another. While the twins do share a chakra system, twins still serve as soulmates for others and are able to connect chakra cords to others as well.

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