Where Does Divine Masculine Come From?

Where Does Divine Masculine Come From?

What does it mean to be a divine masculine?

The divine masculine is a leader with his divine feminine and within his community. He does not lead by accumulating power or control, but rather leads from a place of love and security. The divine masculine doesn’t see leadership as a hierarchy.

How do you cultivate divine masculine?

7 ways to cultivate your Inner Divine Masculine

  1. Stand up for yourself. Practice using your voice to speak your truth and say what you feel is right and true.
  2. Self Belief. Being cocky isn’t just physical, it is an attitude that says “I can do it!”.
  3. Structure.
  4. Strength.
  5. Clarity.
  6. Action.
  7. Adore.

How does the divine masculine awaken?

When you bring more of the Warrior energy into your life, you are awakening the divine masculine. You are reconnecting to the Wholeness deep within yourself. To build a strong connection with this energy, you might like to explore the look and feel of your inner Warrior.

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Can a man be divine feminine?

A man, being the Divine Masculine, must by all means embrace his Divine Feminine partner. He must understand that he is the captain of their ship. He has to trust his own intuition , his Divine Feminine. Her connection to the universe is much stronger than his own.

How do you know if a divine is masculine?

Traits of the divine masculine.

  1. Risk-taking.
  2. Assertiveness.
  3. Action-oriented.
  4. Discipline.
  5. Boundaries.
  6. Confidence.
  7. Objectivity.
  8. Logic and analysis.

What is divine masculine twin flame?

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are archetypes that exist in all relationships between twin flames. This is a divine union and/or sacred union, and the joint energies brings about an awakening. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine bring with them different traits to the divine union.

What is the difference between divine masculine and divine feminine?

Traits of the Divine Masculine include logic, reason, action, firmness, survival, loyalty, adventurousness, strength, and rationality, according to BeyondTheOrdinaryShow.com. Meanwhile, the Divine Feminine encompasses intuition, nurturing, healing, gentleness, expression, wisdom, patience, emotions, and flexibility.

How do you get masculine energy?

12 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Masculine Energy

  1. Posture. The way you carry yourself reflects your attitude; remember most communication is unspoken.
  2. Be Assertive and Stick up for Yourself.
  3. Find a Mentor.
  4. Stop Masturbating.
  5. Stillness.
  6. Spend time With Other Men.
  7. Tap Into Your Inner Warrior.
  8. Lead.

How do you balance divine masculine energy?

TOOLS FOR BALANCING: Meditate, journal, sleep, nap, take time to yourself. Set aside time to feel your feelings. They’re your superpower. Cry just to cry, throw an adult temper tantrum, or dance it all out.

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How do you know if your twin flame is awakened?

During this time both you are your Twin are in this Bubble of Love where nothing else, and no-one else really seems to matter. When this time period ends and things start to get tense, one of you, usually the ‘ Awakened Twin Flame ‘ finds out that you are Twin Flames ( if you didn’t already know ).

What does the masculine twin flame feel?

So What Does the Masculine Twin Flame Feel? The DM technically feels the same way you do. They feel the same intense attraction twin flames go through and they’re always going to be subconsciously connected to the divine feminine. It’s how they react to their feelings that differ.

What is Kundalini awakening twin flame?

Kundalini awakening in Twin Flames refers to the shared chakra system versus being connected through chakra cords as typically soulmates connect to one another. While the twins do share a chakra system, twins still serve as soulmates for others and are able to connect chakra cords to others as well.

How do you know if you are divine feminine?

If you previously shied away from developing friendships with other women and now feel called to connect more, you may be experiencing a divine feminine awakening. You desire to be around other strong, powerful, women who are filled with emotional depth and compassion, just like you.

What is Divine Feminine?

Since the Divine Feminine is a concept grounded in spirituality, definitions can vary depending on who you ask. According to Kingsbury, the Divine Feminine is the aspect of the self associated with “creation, intuition, community, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking sense), and collaboration.”

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How do you awaken the Divine Feminine?

So here are some practical ways to awaken Her:

  1. Examine your wounds surrounding femininity.
  2. Commit to self-love & self-acceptance.
  3. Awaken the Divine Feminine – Connect with your body.
  4. Get outside and be with mumma nature.
  5. Feel your feelings (without judgement)
  6. Get comfortable speaking your truth.

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